I went to explore South Tamil Nadu on a one day trip with my parents,aunt,uncle and my cousin in their car.It was on the 30th of May.The next day our school was going to reopen.I didn't go anywhere for the whole summer vacation,so we thought we will at least go on that Sunday.

Well, we started our journey.We took the -nagercoil route which was easy for us.Our first trip was to the Padmanabhapuram palace in Kanyakumari district.This was the kingdom of the royal Tiruvitamkur family.It was the best palace I've ever gone.Large, with so much space.A malayalam film 'manichitrathazhu's shooting took place here.We thought the 'Verandah' of this palace was made up of original marble.But it was made up of lime,eggs,cowdung,mehendi and eggshells.The effect was even better than marble.The carvings on wood were perfect.Not even a mistake was there. The king's bed was marvelous.The carvings on this bed was perfect.Well,no one can break into the palace easily.I'm sure they'll get lost.They have built the palace in such a way that the king himself would also lose his way easily.I liked this palace very much.I didn't want to leave this place.I even wanted to stay here for the rest of my life!.

Our next site was the marvelous place called Kundankulam.Kundan was the nick name ,my uncle used to call my father,so we teased this place.This place is actually a bird sanctuary.This was an idea of my uncle because he is an environmentalist.The road to kundankulam was marvelous.We were surrounded by the western ghats on one side and the other side was covered with wind mills.This was the best place I've ever gone and it is in called Arulvamozhi.Never am I gonne forget this place in my whole life!

At last the last hill passed and now there was neither a hill nor a wind mill.But as we went straight to kundankulam we had to fight the hottest climate.I thought we were really at last in a desert.It was another world, apart from arulvamozhi.We reached the bird sanctuary.It was like a thirsty camel seeing an oasis in a desert.We too got a glimpse of water.WATER!I was relaxed.This bird sanctuary in this kind of climate was marvelous.Birds from all over the world are here.They migrated from far away places to this place.

We again got the glimpse of a wind mill and hill on our way to Triparap water falls.The route to this water falls was superb.We were surrounded by thousands of trees on each corner.And the same beautiful journey back on the same day ...........made the last day of my holidays wonderful.

[check najmafaizi.blogspot.com-she is my cousin sister I mentioned]


  1. Wonderful trip and a wonderful article. Reading this was like being in the trip along with you. But, Suruma, one small doubt. Wasn't 'Manichithrathazha' shot in Tripunithura Palace? I think it was 'His Highness Abdulla' that was shot in Padmanabhapuram Palace. Please check up and confirm this point once again.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Thank you uncle, I checked it...both films were shot im Padmanabhapuram Palace-Suruma


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